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16 Sep 2020

How to Choose The Best Music Licensing Company in 2020

Gone are the days, businesses and musicians would be cheated from some of the music licensing companies. Singers mightn’t get placement or business would face copyright issues much often.

The traditional form of music licensing is a bit confusing and time-consuming process.

Time has changed, nowadays music licensing companies produce more standards than before. Still, choosing the best music licensing company matters to protect your music.

In this article, I will walk you through some of the important factors you need to know when choosing the best music licensing company in 2020 and beyond. To start out, let’s get something out of the way first.

What is Music Licensing?

Music licensing is an agreement Where businesses or media or anyone else pay copyright holders-- a musician, composer, publisher, and music licensing company-- for using their music, it could be used in

  • Televisions
  • Movies
  • Trailers
  • commercial advertising
  • Sports
  • Film
  • And much more

There is rarely music that is copyright-free or royalty-free. With music licensing, you will be able to sustainably grow your project without any stress. Not only you but also the original composer or musician can protect their music from misusing.

We often try to get copyright music for our own music work, but no one easily gets you that music, or it may stop at a certain time. So it’s a good idea to consider music licensing and enjoy it for the long-term.

In order to get a license from a particular music licensing company, you should know how the music licensing company works.

Why is Music Licensing?

I often get this question why do I need music licensing? It’s obvious that music is someones’ own creativity-- you are not allowed to use it the way you use something you own.

When using a song of a singer, remember he owns it, and you have to pay for it.

What does a Music Licensing Company do?

As I said earlier, the music licensing company allows you to use the music anywhere without being stopped, and that’s what the music licensing company does.

What they actually do is they will have an agreement about giving you access to copyrighted music based on your choice, and also musicians, the producer, and the composer can protect their songs. And the good thing is you will not have to pay any royalty on the back-end.

I will give you an example, let’s say you are watching a video on YouTube and find an ad where the Sony company is showing their products--they are using a popular track of EPIC MUSIC LA as theme music-- they paid 1000$ 1000$ to EPIC MUSIC LA to use their song.

In a nutshell, the music licensing company provides you the ability to access copyrighted music and not have to pay any royalty.

How to Choose a Music Licensing Company

Whether you are in need of using music for commercials, movies, or sports, choosing the right music company is a bit tricky. Here I will walk you through some key things you need to keep in mind when choosing the music licensing company, that will help you find the best licensing company in 2020 and beyond.

Figure out where they are located?

Often you may get offers for music that has no physical location, in fact, their online presence doesn’t seem right. Don’t go for it. Time has changed, use copyrighted music, and stay cool.

Look at their website

There are so many factors that indicate the music licensing company is containing the right order.

When you are looking for music, consider checking the website how they get going, what are their new album is, how people are reacting with their website, how much traffic their website gets.

See how easily you can navigate the interface of the website.

With little spying on the website, you can reveal many things from their website and get the music work done.

Do they provide placement for musicians?

It’s a good sign for a music licensing company that ensures the placement for musicians, also it indicates that they are providing quality music from good artists and musicians.

There were many companies who wouldn’t care about the agreement with artists and musicians, but, good companies are always ready to provide placement as well as quality music for using any projects like TV, radio, broadcast, and much more.

What are customers saying about them?

When choosing a music licensing company, it’s important to figure out what are customers saying about their services, in fact, whether you buy any product or services you first need to focus on what are people saying about that. Go for which company has greater reviews.

Measure the quality of their music

Quality matters everywhere, think of the terrible music that is paired with a video or podcast may ruin your mood.

If you choose a track for your project, measure the music from your audiences’ perspective, because the more quality your music has the more it will gain customers’ attention.

Price matters

Pricing is one of the important factors when choosing a music licensing company. There are many companies (like EPIC MUSIC LA) out there that provide affordable prices and membership you can download unlimited music with.

You can even download a single track for your project if you want. But, identity first how much music do you need that will make you understand what prices you will spend.

Have a stress-free licensing agreement

As I said earlier, music licensing companies have been changed, the process became simpler than before.

Fortunately, some platforms, like EPIC MUSIC LA, offer stress-free music licensing by doing a lot of work with artists and songwriters.

So do a bit of research when choosing a music licensing company.

The bottom line

You got some important factors for choosing a music licensing company in 2020. There are a lot more factors that will be revealed if you do a little research on them. It’s time to get the right music licensing company and get your project done. Just do it.