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Our Expertise

Our passionate team at Epic Music LA vigorously strives for excellence in service to our clients and composers. We not only maintain uncompromisingly high standards in our work ethic but ensure our musicians are the finest in the business. Our goal is to provide our clients with a rich pool of the highest quality music from our exclusive network of musicians, artists, and composers. We also shine in producing original music content for those custom projects or special client demands in support of branding.

We highly value our clients and do whatever it takes to provide prompt service with deliberate focused attention to detail. Whether music is needed for television shows, movies, promos, commercials, corporate settings, sports events, infomercials, or custom score to film projects, Epic Music LA’s production music library and extensive creative network of talented musicians have you covered! EPIC takes pride in curating the finest music library and offering finely tuned custom music solutions for our highly valued clients.

Movies · Television

Our producers’ musical footprint reaches into the biggest film and TV shows in the industry. We are proud to work with exceptional, seasoned composers that have a deep understanding of the unique needs of the TV and Film industry. Our producers have top quality music on standby and are ready to jump in for your custom project.

Trailers · Promos

We work closely with industry-leading trailer houses and promo teams across the United States and abroad. Many of our composers have trailer placements for the industry’s leading films, such as Star Wars, Insurgent, The Hobbit, and many more! Let us help you take your trailer or promo to the next level.

Commercial Advertising

We provide high quality custom and production music for advertising firms across the country. Our seasoned composers and hands-on service approach makes EPIC the leading choice for agencies. Tell us your musical needs and we will do the heavy lifting!


Epic Music LA features music that is ideal for corporate settings. Our extensive music catalog contains content that is great for those business productions needing to motivate, focus, engage, and encourage the listener. From training productions and corporate team-building projects to infomercials that drive company sales, Epic Music LA’s production music library and custom-made original music solutions will satisfy your needs.


EMLA provides a wide range of eclectic music that is perfect for Travel and Leisure. Our music compliments scenes and moments of tranquility, wonderment, excitement and happiness. Hear our curated playlist below.


Few music houses understand the nuances of how to weave sports and music together to create dynamite sports productions like Epic Music LA. With decades of experience and numerous sports placements across many outlets, Epic Music LA is a known leader in the niche of sports music and continues to influence trends for how music is used in sports productions. We work closely with our clients and creatives to produce that perfect music for your sports production.