Education & Internship

EPIC is Committed to Education, Collaboration

and Creating Opportunities that Inspire.

Education is important to EPIC, therefore, we warmly embrace and encourage student interns and believe that experiential learning is a natural resource for success. EPIC partnered with the University of Texas at Austin to launch our first ever internship program. This program involved bright, talented students who were able to experience the breadth and scope of the music industry in Los Angeles and throughout the world. They learned that the music industry, in all its complexities, is a fun-filled business with many opportunities through hundreds of channels. We take pride in ensuring that all interns receive a balanced experience through hard work, dedication to understanding the business, and attending relevant music industry events.

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our internship program to undergraduate students in the Los Angeles area. The focus of our program is to ensure that the student’s experience is carefully well-rounded and balanced. We expect hard work but believe the program should be enjoyable and inspirational. EPIC strives to ensure that interns feel as though they are part of our team and we encourage open communication and participation. Our dynamic team members are educators who meet regularly with the students in addition to assigning independent tasks and research. We expose the students to fundamental administrative responsibilities such as music agreements, contracts, cue sheets, publicity, social media and research. We also engage students in music production as well as all things creative. In addition to the core internship program, we provide unique opportunities to visit various industry partners, such as SESAC, Elias Arts, Firstcom Music and music departments that support a variety of sports teams, such as the Los Angeles Dodgers. EPIC’s dynamic internship program will provide focused education, hands-on experience, and professional tools to prepare the students for a successful future. Music is our passion and we hope to inspire students from around the globe to follow their musical passions as well.