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20 October

Powerful Collaborations on the Horizon with Epic Music LA, Ubiquity Records, and 17th Street Recording Studio in Orange County, California

The Epic Music LA team had a blast hanging out with some of Southern California’s premier musicians, producers, and record label experts.  The team enjoyed a highly personal tour of 17th Street Recording Studio and learned about the many musical legends that have passed through their doors.  17th Street’s talented and creative staff continues to collaborate with the best musicians in the industry.  The EPIC team was also introduced to the hard-working, forward-thinking team at Ubiquity Records.  Their reputation as a west coast born record label and their contribution to the funk, grove, and soul music scene is widely known and respected around the world. The EPIC team is excited to continue the momentum with these two firms to create, produce, distribute, and place music in high-profile projects across the country.