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09 Nov 2020

How to Choose The Best Music Licensing Company



(LEgacy Music Project Vision1Music, Epic Music LA, the, Soda Box Music)

EPIC is the largest of a coalition of four independent music entities. Our collective is known as LEVELS. it's an acronym for the four unique catalogs and repitoire. We are Epic Music LA, Legacy Music Project, Vision 1 Music, and Soda Box Music. We are a family. We are multicultural, multilingual, and diverse. We are patriots and military veterans. We believe in equality, justice, and inclusion. We believe in one heartbeat. We have Native American, French, Irish, German, Bengali, Italian, Ghanian, British, Jewish, and Senegalese blood flowing through our veins. We are a rainbow alliance. We work with budding new talent, veteran legacy musicians and composers, and talented inner-city youth aspiring greatness.

We love our planet. We are for clean energy and a thriving environment. We respect nature and all life. We are for equality, advancement, and greater diversity. We believe that people need to discover what's worthwhile about themselves and become it. We re-imagine music. We re-imagine music through diversity. We are hardworking and here to serve. We're ready to collaborate. We're listening.

We are EPIC Music LA. We are you.